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Neogenesis and Lunar Silver Star


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Is there anyway to make this game run in Neogenesis? Everytime I try and load it will start I see the working designs presents screen then the title screen. Then a screen pops up saying the external RAM has not been formatted and askes if I want to to that and has two choices "Ok Cool!" and "No way" if I pick no way it just freezes there If I say Ok Cool a message at the bottom pops up saying IT is done formating and that i can press start to continue yet pressing start does nothing. Is there any way past this?

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Try formatting before the game loads. When you first load the game, it will take you to the Sega CD screen where it says "press start". Don't hit start. Instead, press A or X. It should take you to a different screen. There should be a memory option. Try formatting both the internal memory as well as the cartridge. Now load the game.


I'm not sure if this will actually work, but it's worth a shot.

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