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how can I change the Signature CRC of a Rom?


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Hi to all!!!


I've a serious prob!! please help me!!!

I've ALL Mame 0.85 roms plus mame more! versions and various neogeo hacks for nebula and winkawaks..

now I'm trying to realize a complete set of roms for FBA XXX for Xbox but specially for the last banned games, I've serious probs.. because after a Rebuild of romsets with ClrMamePro a lot of roms are missing!!

The probs are: 1) Size mismatch 2) Bad CRC


for the size I've resolved.. but I need to change the signature CRC of some roms and I don't know how to do it :ph34r:

I know that a possible way is to use ips patches to apply with IPSWin to the roms.. but if I haven't or I can't find that specified patch.. how can I edit or create IPS patches from null??

I think that it will be very simple to create a patch which change ONLY the signature of a rom...

I've tried to open with notepad some ips patches of neogeo games.. but the code is encrypted!! So how can I view that code?? how can I edit and create it????


Please help me!!! Thanx in advance!!! Byez!!

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You can't change the CRC unless you know how to work a hex editor and hack the contents of the rom images.


When you open the file in Notepad, the stuff you see isn't encrypted code; it's just the original code presented in a way that a processor can understand it.


When you code a program, the computer doesn't understand the code you input unless you run the code through a compiler.

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