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hybrid heaven game problem...

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i have both the ROM on Project64 1.5 and the original Hybrid Heaven cartridge. The ROM works fine for me... maybe your computer has issues? Try updating DirectX or checking your graphics drivers. It may be that your machine is just too slow. :P

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i have amd 2.8 ghz cpu,512 mb of ram.... and 64mb of video card...


judging by your hardware Hybrid Heaven should work fine. Perhaps you have a bad ROM dump. Do you have the NTSC or PAL version? Try the (U) release.


The only low point i see in your hardware is the video card. Everything works fine on my comp because of a little thing we call GRAPHICS OVERKILL:


2.6ghz p4

SuperMicro P4SPE with 800mhz bus


Jaton nVidia GeForce FX5600 256MB video card - ownz0rs B)


but first check your ROM before messing with hardware. :ph34r:

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bah you just wait, im getting a GeForce 6800GT in a few months


heh, that graphics card is more powerfull than a PC i have lying around thats running linux all day and doing pretty much nothing...its been on for like 4 years now...doing nothing...i dont even think theres a monitor hooked up to it, in fact i dont even know where it is anymore, its probably under a pile of crap....weird....

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bah... shiba, you bumped this thread just to show up my comp...


how much are you paying for that 6800? i got my gfx card wholesale (my dad is in the computer supply business) for about $120. beat that shiba.

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