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Satourne WIP News

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Over at the Satourne Site, ben-J has posted some news about the current progress of the emu, and also has posted some screenshots of it. Since the site is on francais I could not understand so much on it, but thanx to babelfish:


here are this pretty captures of a version in development of Satourne:


Fatal Fury Real Bout Special





If not, about a news version, Fabien Autrel has much job and there remains a good number of elements to be released so that the emulator is usable easily.

But please know that Motorola 68000 processor, using a bus of 16 bits and addresses on 24 bits, has been integred quickly this last weekend... perhaps too quickly... because the emulation is badly slowed down by it.

To follow...


Great improving on this emu, hope to see more news about it soon. ^^



Seems like the babelfish traslation was awfull enough for me to misunderstand the real meaning of the news (it was exactly the opposite at what was posted :), anyway I just updated it so the real news are posted now. So thanx to Ghim for the traslation and the real news. ^^


::> Visit the Satourne Site to see the whole pics.

::> Thanx to Emulatronia for the news. (spanish site)

::> Thanx To NgEMU for the news too.

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