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Hello everyone. I have been on this forum for some time now seince kawaks-x and while at times at was abit confuseing, I could always get things to work in the end for my roms on the xbox. Now it seems with everyone switching over to fba-xxx that you need more programs more files to even attempt this. Also the information to properly do this seems to be spread acrossed 2 - 3 forums with one helpfull sentnce between 3 posts.


Id like to know if there is a tutorial somewhere on how to get roms working well in fba-xxx. Id also like to know where to find roms because finding out about the new emulator and how my roms wont work *yet again* in it I deleted them.


Also id like to know if I can contact anyone on these things if I run accrosed any problems doing this.


I hope someone can explane the maze of information out there and set me on the right corce. thank you for your time all. :P

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easiest way to get things rollin is to get the latest fba-xxx and romcenter for your pc. the latest fba-xxx makes a dat that can be used in romcenter to check your roms to see if its good for the emu or tell you if something is wrong or missing.


gogo's forum has a tut on romcenter and i highly suggest you check it out if you never used it (its a bit on the french side but theres parts in english)

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