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I did TDC_Final run in Chankast!

Try do this:

1 - Use a virtual drive (D-Tools or Alchool 120%) and mount the tdc image (let's call H:)


2 - Extract ExoBoot v1,2.exe (default is c:\chankast\ExoBoot)


3 - Copy all files of H:\Z_MVC2 to a temp folder (i used c:\chankast\ExoBoot\data)


4 - Copy 1ST_READ.BIN from c:\chankast\ExoBoot\data to c:\chankast\ExoBoot


5 - Delete 1ST_READ.BIN and IP.BIN from c:\chankast\ExoBoot\data


6 - Open a dos prompt (cmd or command) and go to c:\chankast\ExoBoot


7 - Verify if the file BINHACKimage.TXT is:






7 - Type "binhack < BINHACKimage.txt"


8 - Copy 1ST_READ.BIN and IP.BIN from c:\chankast\ExoBoot to c:\chankast\ExoBoot\data


9 - In the prompt type "Mkisofs -C 0,0 -V Autoboot -l -o data.iso C:\chankast\ExoBoot\data"


10 - And then type "Bin2boot data.iso"


11 - Image.cdi is the MvsC2 image.


12 - Use a virtual drive and run Chankast. Daemon 3.29 works fine :lol:


13 - If you want delete the c:\chankast\ExoBoot\data.iso and all files from c:\chankast\ExoBoot\data


14 - You can repeat the process from other games. There are the folders:

X_SF33S - Street Fighter 3 3rd Strike

Y_CVS2 - Capcom vs. SNK 2

Z_MVC2 - Marvel vs. Capcom 2


This works for me. Try and post here.

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