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MAMEoX v0.84.b2 released


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What's new :


- Fixed Namco System 1 bug - this should fix the following games:


    - shadowld

    - dspirit

    - quester

    - blazer

    - pacmania

    - galaga88

    - ws

    - berabohm

    - alice

    - bakutotu

    - wldcourt

    - splatter

    - faceoff

    - rompers

    - blastoff

    - ws89

    - dangseed

    - ws90

    - pistoldm

    - soukobdx

    - puzlclub

    - tankfrce


- Fixed bug with DigDug, Xevious, Bosconian


- All cleanup activity is now skipped when exiting a game and the launcher is

simply reloaded.  This should fix most of the freezing issues during exit.


- Fixed input mapping bug where changes made to game-specific mappings were

being applied to the primary default configuration file.

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