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Games that hang in zsnes

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Equinox hangs when picking up health items. Heard this was supposed to be fix in the official zsnes 1.36 (based on the ChangeLog). I'm using the 06/09 WIP.


Likewise with Dragon Quest 6 (with the translated patch) at certain areas and Treasure Hunter G when sleeping (again with the translated patch)


Rom info:

Equinox CRC = 96A4D1C0


DQ6 CRC (with applied patch from http://www.zophar.net/newtrans/download/snes/npr_dq6e.zip) = 276D9893


THG (with applied patch from http://www.zophar.net/newtrans/download/snes/thghawk.zip) = 2BBCCF62


edit: added more games that hanged.

edit: added tech info abt the roms.

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Have you checked the CRC checksums of the untranslated games? If they aren't OK, then the bugs are not the emulator's fault. (In most cases, but not all)


Treasure Hunter G has never frozen on me, and I use the 6/09 WIP.

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