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Animal Forest Rom?

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Well does anyone have the link to a copy of Animal Forest?

I'm sure, that anyone who did would have come forward by now.


I'd get DC++ and search there. Also, check other P2P networks. (Kazaa Lite, Shareaza, Overnet, etc.)

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I assume nobody has found it for one of three reasons:


1. The english version was never released on n64

2. Im not sure if the japanese version was either

3. very few people here can read japanese.


Try doing a google for "lollers" and click on one of the first links, there is (or at least was a few days ago) an n64 rom site there. You may be hunting the unicorn though. :)

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Well then go find it if you're so smart. We're just trying to help over here




Good luck with that.... heheheh

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heheheheheh..... just another fine day on the 1emulation board....


We're all mature people here, you don't have to misspell your insults.


Unless, of course, you can't spell at all... ;)

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All in a day's work right Agozer?


At least you can cut him off at the beginning....

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