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A new version of SNEeSE, a Open-Source SNES emulator for DOS, has been released today. Here's the list of changes to v0.74:



Render: Altered clip window setup code


Sound: Corrected behavior of invalid range values in BRR header byte, thanks to Brad Martin for the correction


Sound: Corrected bug in ADSR/GAIN switching; when switching from GAIN to ADSR, envelope update time was not set based on current ADSR state


Sound: Restructed BRR decoding


Render: Changed the back area color addition hack to actually add to color 0 instead of replacing it, helps many games


Render: Added support for dual window clipping with OR or AND logic modes of 8x8-tile backgrounds with no offset change or mosaic


Sound: Corrected sample loop behavior, erroneously changed it in 0.73, fixes Sidmania


Sound: Added emulation of 4-point pitch-regulated gaussian interpolation of sample data


Sound: Added emulation of SNES echo effect and its corresponding FIR filter


Get it from http://www.emuunlim.com/sneese/sn074b.zip/

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:D its good to see that "the update king" is back with us again. good job dude. :D

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