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AGES v0.30a

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A new version of AGES, a Genesis, 32X, Sega CD, & SMS emulator for Windows, has been released. The author notes that this version does not work very well under WindowsXP. Here's the list of changes:

Some Genesis, 32X, Sega CD, and SMS compatiblity fixes

Added Game Gear emulation

M68000, Z80, and SH2 core revisions (lots faster)

Faster interlace mode line renderer

PSG noise channel

32X, Sega CD, SMS, and GG saved states

Network play via Kaillera

Added new fast-forward method: "sticky" (complements "press-and-hold")

V-Sync option

FPS display

Brighter colors

Close ROM option

Multiple joystick support

Improved some parts of the GUI (not compatible with WinXP!)

Fixed the very annoying clicks/pops in DirectSound output

Corrected inaccuracy in Sega CD sector playback timing

Implicit track naming (like Gens) for ISO+MP3 CD images

Software CD-DA playback (no more CD-to-soundcard cable required)

CD-DA playback for BIN/CUE

Automatic game patching feature

Get it from [url="http://www.emuunlim.com/downloads.php?System=115&id=228"]http://www.emuunlim.com/downloads.php?Syst...stem=115&id=228[/url]

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