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How To Make Kof2003 Work At Fba?

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i had search the forum...i get broken links..they also said that got the rom...i d/l from there with the emulator...but it not working...


EDIT: That's a great ROM site. What am I talking about? Oh, you don't know since I removed the link!! HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

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Just place the rom file in the appoprate rom folder and don't run a check for it. Thats how I got it to work.

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Ah, you need the right NG bios for it to run. I guess it's back to the search feature for you.


Edit; You could get them on the RGDC website too.

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thanks i got the bios now...but it said missing 271-p1.bin files...

1) Your romset doesn't have that rom file.

2) The CRC of that file does not match with the one FBA expects.

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