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Mameox Questions.


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Hi all. I'm working on the third Big Ass Emulator Disc, and I have a few MAMEoX questions that hopefully someone can help me out with.


My objective is to have as many playable arcade games as possible. I read somewhere that older versions of MAMEoX used less RAM, and that v0.72 was the best in that regard, and that there were some games that were playable in.72, but not.79b, and vice versa. If this is the case, does anyone know approximately how many games are effected by this? Is there a database somewhere of which games work best with which emulator? What about a list of non-MAME arcade games that are playable on the Xbox?


I have the full MAME 0.80 set (with updates I have not yet applied to bring it up to 0.83), but MAMEoX uses the.79 core. Is it possible to convert my ROM set to a.79 version? Also, the CHDs... Do any of the games that use them work on Xbox? I have all the CHDs, but they are 0.83 versions.


Finally, is there any easy way to tell which games use too much memory to work on the Xbox? Is the ROM's file size a good determiner of that? I'd like to remove as much non-working stuff as I can to make room for the stuff that does work.


Big thanks to anyone who can help me out!

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