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Getting Started Wtih Xbox Emulation


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Just got my xbox modde today, and I'd like just a little help. I got a emulation pack with just about every xbox-compatible emulator on it, excluding Kawa-Hex. I'd like to start putting games on it like SvC and MS5, SS5 and whatnot. Could anyone help me out or point me to tutorials on mainly how to get games onto the xbox. I have Evolution-X dashboard with Xecuter 2.3 lite (I believe). Any help would GREATLY appreciated. Thankies.

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don't know what avalaunch is, so I guess I don't. I have a standard DSL modem (not a router), but I can get a crossover cable. My friend who also has a modded xbox says that he uses the LAN party hub (for Halo parties and whatnot) and he says he hooks up to the computer like that to transfer the games. I'd like to start transferring roms and more emulators like Kawa-Hex whenever I can. Got a guide you can point me to or something?

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