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Dapple 0.97 Released!

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Dapple is a Apple ][ emulator for DOS.

* Reversed the Shift Key Mod (and allowed it to be disabled). Now you
can use the FrEdWriter 4.4 text editor/word processor. (Note: There is a cosmetic bug in //e mode. I have something to find out first.)

* Extended ADC and SDC, with a small exception: if you only have Turbo
C++ 1.01, you will need a precompiled CPU core since the extensions run TC out of memory, at least on my system. ProDOS 2.03 now boots, although not perfectly.

Added Alt-F4 quick exit key. This is a private build only.

CPU fix to ADC opcode, fixing "Pitfall 2: Lost Caverns". As before
I will be releasing this version as a PATCH ONLY, noncumulative, (you must download it over top of 0.95a, which in turn must be downloaded over 0.95) to make it easier for me.

Get it from [url="http://sourceforge.net/projects/dapple/"]this[/url] page.

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