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Some Questions...

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gotta some questions...


1) memory cards support is working on chankast?

ive read theres something in spanish Flash that doesnt allow to save... tried to change it to ntsc but games still dont save... chankast crashes...


2) theres a way to fix the cable issue?

didnt find a solution around for this... the cable error screen still afflicts many games i have...


3) a way to run chankast in fullscreen?

the only way to run the emulator "bigger" ive found is DVDREGION (i know sounds funny but didnt find anything better...:lol:')


tnx in advance

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1) Not to my know how, when ever I tried to save, I would get errors


2) Not at the moment


3) I didn't try my self, but try dragging the cornors :/

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1) Yes, go into the bios and format the memory card. After that it *should* save. But its possible Chanka resets it to unformatted every time you start it up, like it annoyingly does with the bios time. I haven't tested this enough.


2) I think yes, it can be fixed. VGA cable support is controlled by a setting in the bootfile on the CD. In order to change this, you have to run binhack on it with an ip.bin that has vga support enabled. However, I am having trouble getting the selfboot tools to work for me. Its the same process as making any other game seflbooting, but I am just not having any luck doing it under winxp. If we can't get it fixed now, I'm sure it'll be fixed in the next version as that's a tiny little fix.


3) dunno, will try this when I get home. there maybe be a hidden commandline option. A secret command line option for loading iso and bin files has already been revealed.

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Ya just double checked, saving is in fact supported.  Just do like I said and format the vmu in the bios.  And if the vmu gets full you can just rename it and make a new one :lol:

yes, but games still crashes on saving approach

what to do then? :lol:


EDIT : after many tries capcom vs snk2 works, but not res ev code veronica...

crashes many time in play and it is unable to find its own savegames...

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capcom vs snk2 is what I used.  worked fine.  I suppose other games might have issues with the way they have the saving done.  But hey its still great for an alpha!!

no doubt :lol:


wonder what can chanka do with more developing... :lol:

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I have a question too.

The emulator keep asking for a d3d9.dll file. Where can I get it?


It asks for the Direct3D 9 dll file. I would have assumed it came with the Chankast package or then you don't have DirectX 9 installed.


....or you can Google for it. There are many sites that host DLL files for these kind of situations.

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I dont think this has been asked yet... does Chankast just crash for no reason a lot? I thought it was just coz it was an alpha, but I havnt seen anyone else mention it here. Crashes every 4-5 mins with following message;




Visual C++


Runtime Error!


abnormal program termination




Happens on SF3 TS and Capcom vs SNK2 (the only two games I have).


So yeh, is this just me or the emu? Happens on all crack versions btw.

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