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ISO is the standard extension for CD images. PAL is just the european/australian/whatever's TV standard. You downloaded the PAL version of said game and it happens to be an ISO. Yes, an ISO is only a one file, but it cn contain multiple files. ISOs aren't RAR files, regardless of the fact that WinRAR often associates itself with them and can open them.

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can someone post a screenshot of where to find this line? I'm having one heck of a time

You don't really need to hack the DC BIOS to make it display stuff in english, you know. It's a simple matter of booting the BIOS, going to Settings (Clock), and changing the language.


*I hope this is what you meant*

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nope bro, although thanks for mentioning that :ph34r: I just want my PAL BIOS to be changed over to NTSC - i've got a bunch of games that on;ly work on NTSC and PAL says there's no game disc in.

Oh, my apologies then. Anyways, the information provided in this thread is more than enough, you'll find the right lines eventually.

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Keyword eventually - i spent 2 hours today trying.

-_-; It's there, I just double-checked myself. Like Sultan said in the first post, it's just before the developer's names in Dc_flash.bin. Everything is in plain ASCII text, so you can't miss it.

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Boy, do i feel like an idiot. I've been looking at dc_bios the whole time.


My apologies, i'll reply with the result.

That's what I figured, since most of Dc_bios.bin is just binary mumbojumbo.

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