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  1. hm... somehow my flash rom is getting scrambled somehow... similar to the descrambling and scrambling of 1stread.bin, compared them with my hex editor b4 and after, and whoa, guess chankast cant write to flash rom properly yet...
  2. I mean vms, not vmu, but yes, I can't explain it but thats what happened, in order to use memory pack, i had to first delete all the crap that was there in the "memory pack" through the dreamcast bios, then that got me to where i can save games and save changes in bios, it saved my english language selection, but after a few games and saves later of MVC2, i tried to play Jet Grind Radio and it wouldnt load... then, I tried to play MVC2 again and that wouldnt load either, what it did was popped up with asking me to change the time in the bios and wouldnt go past that just kept looping to changing the time (setting back to default every time) so i replaced the bios, made it read only, still wouldnt work, so i exported my MVC2 game and deleted the vms, which allowed them both to work.
  3. I tried that after I finally figured out how to get the vmu working, but if I do that, then certain games stop working for some reason until I delete the vmu file (i'm thinking this is the reason for the vmubrowser by ElSemi) Thanx for the great info on the ntsc, but i think it would be even nicer to be able to stash away my bios defaulted to ntsc/english : ) (not to mention rid myself of having to fix the vmu file)
  4. has anyone figured out how to change the default language yet?
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