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Where To Find Dreamcast Iso's For Download?


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Many people have been asking me where to find and download dreamcast iso's so they can have backups of their dreamcast games? The best place to get it is Direct Connect, it has just about every single dreamcast game there for download. Most people say the speeds are even much better than Bit-Torrent. You can't find Dreamcast games off of Kazaa either, you may find 1 or 2, but they'll most likely have problems or be a virus knowing your luck with Kazaa. Direct Connect and 1Emulation has it's own world.


We have the BIGGEST Emulation Network of Direct Connect Hub's on the entire internet. It is called €mü-Ñëtwø®k, we have more than 2,000 - 3,000 users a day downloading backup's for their games and helping others over our live chat room. It is so easy to work with Direct Connect that you will be wondering why you never tried it in the first place.




You can find virtually just about every DreamCast game ever released!

    ------------€mü-Ñëtwø®k™ Hubs--------
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Here is a Tutorial on Downloading Roms/Isos's on Direct Connect...

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PLEASE NOTE : 1Emulation InterActive and it's servers do not host any of the direct connect hubs. Each hub is hosted by a seperate individual user and we do not host or condone any roms, isos, or any illegal material. Use these direct connect hub's at your own risk and please own the game if you download it.

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