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Whats Your Preferred Bittorrent Client

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True on both things. The one about taking the HD space before it is done downloading, I feel, is good. I would rather know ahead of time what my HD space will be when it is finished, rather than be like, "OH $HIT!!! I only have 2KB left!!!"


As for resources, it IS a hog. I use a 63MB comp, and it slows it down so I can only use that program and my Firewall. But, you get speed. LOTS and lots of speed in return. :lol:



well..for me, it usually uses like 100mbs, it barely slows my games on fba down...


ah well...if you want a resource hot, compile mame :lol:

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Bitspirit, easy interface (now that I'm home for the summer, I want something easy for my family to use).

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