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SIT format?


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I've seen a few files lately on the net with an SIT format.. it seems to be a type of archive format, at least thats what i can get out of it...


does anyone know anything that uses an SIT format so i can figure out what to do with this file?

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You are an absolute genious


:lol: im hardly a genious. :lol: i actually had never heard of this file format until now. so "thank you" for giving me the opportunity to learn something new. :D just wondering, how good is the compression with.sit files? have you had a chance to compare them up against a.zip or.rar file? also, where did you obtain this.sit file from? was it a rom site or something? just curious. :D

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It was actually a collection of files I found on bearshare..


I didn't notice a big difference in the size, but most of the files in the file were pretty small anyway, so i can't hoenstly give you a good word one way or the other.

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