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Dumb Question But So What


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rasta: look at the pinned topic for the hacked version or do what i'm gonna say for shiba for the original


shiba: get on irc (if you don't know what irc is go to www.irchelp.org) and join any efnet server. once you joined, type this in the status window:

/j xbins


from there you'll join the chan and the next thing to do is to message the xbins bot to get ftp access to apps/emus/homebrew games/bios etc.


type this in the channel's window:

/msg xbins !list

and from there you should get a pm with info on how to access the ftp site :D


just to note, each time you message the bot counts as a one time visit so if you log off and wanna go back in, you must message the bot again hanginl

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