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The new Nokia handheld

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[url="http://robots.cnn.com/2002/TECH/ptech/11/04/nokia.phones.reut/index.html"]New Nokia handheld to compete with the GBA[/url]

[url="http://nds1.nokia.com/press/photo/hot/jpeg/n_gage_hottopics_low.jpg"]Bigger pic[/url]

[url="http://press.nokia.com/PR/200211/880103_5.html"]Games will come on memory cards so they won't be downloadable it looks like[/url]

I think this is pretty cool news. The GBA needs a real competitor because Nintendo has owned this market for way too long. It would be cool if this new handheld had net or area play. Man that would rock so much!!!!! I might still get a GP32 when they come out in the UK at the end of this year though.

What do you all think about the nokia? :D

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i know absolutely nothing about them. one thing i promised myself, i would never get a cell phone. no offense, but most people with cells tick me off. they always have them cramed in their ears 24/7, espesially while driving, that REALLY ticks me off. :D as if people werent bad enough drivers, they have to have cell phones on top of that aswell. i know they have handless sets for them, but no one uses those. in america, they are thinking of outlawing using cell phones while driving. if they do this, i will be a very happy man. :D

ps- i have to admit, it does look pretty cool though. it would be nice, if someday, we could have just one device for all our needs, a phone, instant messager, date book, tv, mp3 player, handheld gaming console etc etc, instead of one for each. it becomes too many things to carry around with you, you know? i see this slowly happening. but nothing, i dont think, has really developed that is too exciting. at least, nothing that would make you put down your gba and pick up a nokia instead. maybe nintendo will put out their next handheld with all these capabilities rolled into one. maybe them and nokia could join forces or something. maybe someday... :D

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