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Getting The New Neogeo Games To Run With The Old


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Is there a way to include all the new neogeo games like.....sam 5....crouching tiger...rage of dragons etc with the old games in the same kawa-x plus program?.


I have added the new games with the old games...and for some reason kawa-x plus won't add the new games in the games list.


Is there a way you can have the old and new games in one emulator ?.

I already have the games running on the emulator by themselves. But as soon as i add the rest of the neogeo games i have, they won't work or even appear on the games list.

All i need to know is how to make

Samuria shodown 5

Metal slug 4

Crounching tiger

Kof 2002

Matrimelee and

Rage of dragons all appear and work on the games list for kawa-x plus.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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