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KiGB v1.01 Released!


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KiGB is a Gameboy emulator for Windows.



* GameGenie and GameShark cheats

* Save/Load cheats to/from library file

* An experimental apply-once option for GameShark codes

* Selectable palettes for Game Boy games

* Set the resolution to 320 x 200 in full screen mode if the display card supported. This enhanced the performance significantly. Now, low-end Celeron could run at full speed with no frame skip.

* Re-structured the GUI

* Emulated the Game Boy CPU quirk (bug?) when HALT was called with IME

was off. Supported Kirby's Dream Land 2.

* Displayed the size in the menu correctly when started at full screen mode


Get it from http://kigb.emuunlim.com/

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