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Nostalgia v3.3 Released


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A new version of Notstalgia, a Intellivison emulators for Windows, has today received an update. Here's the list of changes to v3.3:



AVI format movies can now be recorded while playing a game! By pressing, all screen activity and sound is recorded to an AVI file at a maximum of 15 frames per second.


Screen captures are now saved in Windows Bitmap format.


Screenshots and other captures now reside in their own directory: ostalgiacaptures


Captures are now named based on the game you're playing.


Multiple captures are now possible, up to 99,999 separate captures of a type per game.


Old capture files will never be overwritten by Nostalgia. A new filename is chosen each time.


Command line options have been changed for flexibility. See "Command Line Options" in the readme and help files for more information. Again, thanks Remi. 8)


Video timing accuracy bug fixed. Thanks, Joe Z.


Get it here http://www.gotmaille.com/nostalgia/nostalgia.html

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