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Kawa-hex Help Required


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ive got kawa-hex and have installed it on my hard-drive and also burnt it to dvd-r but for some reason i cannot get it to detect roms at all. So far i only have Metal Slug 5 rom. ive edited the romlocation.ini to indicate the rom folder on my harddrive and still it will not detect this game.


Ive got this game working on my pc with a pc emulator and just used the rom from that. Can anyone help please cos its causin much stress.......... :lol:

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you can't edit the rompath.ini,its aknown bug that never got fixed so it must stay at d:\roms and there should be a roms folder within the emu's folder.


the way its set it should read from dvdr fine but make sure you got the right roms.

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hmm..........i tried dvd-r but had no success also.


is it at all possible to play metal slug 5 and other neo geo roms from the hardrive with another emulator etc?


if so how?


(i have also put fbaX onto the harddrive and patched the default.xbe but that will also not detect the metal slug 5 roms)


are roms ok as.rar or do they have to be unzipped?



apologies as i am new to the neo geo scene and it seems a little more complicated than standard xbox emulators. Basically, all i want to do is have a neo geo emulator on my HDD which will play all the old games including the new (KoF 2k3 and MS 5)



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ok roms must be in zip not rar.


fbax uses the same roms as kawa-hex with some minor renaming (mslug5n for fbax and not nd and such).


be sure to check the readme to check your roms. also the site that has kawa-hex (geocities one) has rom pics you can download and compare to yours.

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