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(OT) Looking for Matrimelee OST MP3s

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(OT) MP3 stuff.....


Well, I have been playing this Neo Geo game called Power Instinct Matrimelee

in an emulator and I've noticed that nearly ALL of the BG music used in this game

are PCM(!) It means it was recorded digitally, so they have vocals! Also upon

reading stuff at GameFAQS, it seems the lyrics in those songs are parodies of

popular music or just plain nonsense/funny. XD


I've also ripped the music directly from (Hence the lousy quality) the Neo Geo game

so people would hear the music in this game.


So does anyone have the OST versions of these songs?


Let's Go, Necromancer! (Chinnen's BG Music)

- An upbeat euro style song about a monk/ghostbuster



Chisana Shiawase (Clara & Anny's BG music)

- A song about hm.... sliced potatoes (Or french fries... XD)


I suggest everyone to download the MP3s and look for the song lyrics at GameFAQs.com,

on Neo Geo > Matrimelee.


PS. If you see a porn ad instead of the mp3 download, then it means the webhost

doesn't like your connection..... Sorry if that happens.

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