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~ SUPER Updates ~ <March 7, 2004>

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Well super updates for today, first off, I've really dedicated my time this weekend just for 1Emulation. I've been working the entire week and finally had some spare time to make this place the best emulation forum out there. This weekend, all I have been doing is looking for a new 2nd server for updated the downloads here and also to host some sites for people. The biggest updates today are...


1) The NEW Arcade System (Click the link at the top of your screen, Registered Members ONLY can Play)

+ Includes Over 10 Classic Arcade Games and Rising Stars (More will be added soon)

+ Advanced System and Scorings, Records Champions, etc.

+ Post your comments and suggests about it @ This Link.

+ Post your highest scores or if you are the newest champ, etc. @ This Link.


2) Resorted The Forums

+ Added more descriptive descriptions for the related forums.

+ Deleted The NextGen Emulation Forum and Moved All Topics to the new Forums..

--> XBOX Emulation Section

--> PS2 Emulation Section

--> GameCube Emulation Section

+ Deleted the GIF Animations forum and moved all topics to the Illustrations forum and renamed the Illustrations forum to Emulation Art.

+ Moved the new Emulation Art Forum, Mugen Forum, and Vintage Forum, into 1 entire category called Emulation Related.

+ Renamed the Kaillera Hub Forum to Online Gaming Forum which is for our Arcade Mod (in the STICKYed thread only), Kaillera Hub, and also you can now post about online pc games, have competitions, final fantasy star online, etc.


We hope you guys enjoy all the changes.

Big thanks to N3oGh0st and Ryder to make these changes possible and better for 1Emulation!

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