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fun 20 questions!

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Pretty cool. I guess motherboard and it took the computer 28 guesses. It's first guess was harddrive at 20 but it finally got it.


Then I chose carrot and the computer guess it in 19 tries. Pretty cool.

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25... pretty good :lol:

I am guessing that it is a Tasmanian devil(marsupial)?

Yes,  No, Close


25.    Is it a predator? Yes. 

24.    Is it a small mammal? Yes. 

23.    Is it yellow? No. 

22.    Is it involved in movies? Yes. 

  Can it climb? Unknown. 

21.    Is it ferocious? Yes. 

20.    I guess it a warthog? No. 

19.    Is it bigger than sofa? No. 

18.    Does it stand on two legs? No. 

  Can it jump? Unknown. 

17.    Does it live in mountains? No. 

  Can it run fast? Unknown. 

  Does it like to run? Unknown. 

16.    Is it a wild animal? Yes. 

15.    Can you make money by selling it? No. 

14.    Is it warm blooded? Yes. 

13.    Do you use it in your home? No. 

12.    Does it swim? No. 

11.    Is it annoying? No. 

10.    Does it lay eggs? No. 

9.    Can it swim? No. 

8.    Does it live in large populations? No. 

7.    Is it dangerous? Yes. 

6.    Does it have a long tail? No. 

  Does it jump? Unknown. 

5.    Does it live in water? No. 

4.    Is it heavy? Yes. 

3.    Is it furry? No. 

2.    Is it a carnivore? Yes. 

1.    It is classified as Animal. 

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