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how do we convert roms?

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Im looking for a tool to convert Genesis roms.

Simply i will like to change headers like the teritory i will like to convert Pal roms into US Ntsc.

Also i know that the emus are doing both but me its for a magic drive system and the roms need to be convert or else i got the message the gme is only Pal compatible.

So im looking for a tool that could do that.

Can somebody help?

Thanks in advance!! :lol:

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It might be possible but I'm only basing this on the fact that I have a PSX game that has a region selector at the start (ie press X for PAL, O for NTSC). Of course, the game itself doesn't work (the zip has a bad CRC) but I reckon that was a problem with the dl.

Or it could be completely unrelated.

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If the game supports NTSC, you can just change the territory in the header. If it's like Megaman: Wily Wars, though, that obviously won't work. You could try SegaTool, but it might not have the PAL fix like its cousin SNESTool does. I haven't used it in a while, so I'm not totally sure.

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