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ANY Known Problems with Project 64?


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i've been Playin "Conker's Bad FUR DAY' on Project 64.

and as i play, i ran into couple of problems.


First problem, the game froze couple of times then automatically restarted my computer and when i tried it again, Project 64 won't recongnize the rom.

(so i had to download it again and over write it in the same folder)

it was the part where Conker had to fight against 2 demons (one of them shoved Cigar up his ass) in the boiler. once i beat them, it didn't freeze any more.


2nd, sometimes, if i leave my computer on for too long, the sound goes off.

i tried to see if there's something wrong with my sound card by running

WINAMP, but MP3 files worked fine. so i have no idea what the problem is.


Did any of these happened to you guys??

and plus.....is there a better N64 emulator than Project 64 for windows XP?

i totally love Project64, but it lags when i play Mario GOLF........

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