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MESS 0.79 Released!

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MESS is a multi console emulator for various systems. Only the DOS & Windows binaries are updated so far.

New System Drivers Supported:
- [MSX2] Sony HB-F700P (Sean Young)
- [MSX2] NMS 8245 and NMS 8255 (Sean Young)
- [MSX] National FS-4000 (Sean Young)
- [MSX] Sony HB-75P (Sean Young)

System Driver Changes:
- [APPLE2] Fixed a regression in caching disk data that would cause data to be lost when switching disks, or for switching disks to not be acknowledged. [Nate Woods]
- [MSX] Rewrote memory emulation.
* Adds support for subslots
* Proper memory layout for the MSX2 drivers, with the diskrom in a subslot of slot 3.
* Adds support for Konami's Sound Cartridge (128kb)
* Adds support for Korean 90-in-1
* Adds support for Kanji ROM
If no cartridges are supplied, it sets the Sound Cartridge in slot 1 and the FM-PAC in slot 2. The Snatcher, SD-Snatcher and the Konami Game Collections now work. Note that Sound Cartridge also behaves as a normal SCC.
With one cartridge supplied the FM-PAC is still set in slot 2 so R-Type and other ROM cartridges can still use it. [Sean Young]
- [SUPERBRD] Updated driver with a better BIOS set and keyboard layout and added sound. [Claudio Nieder]

User Interface Changes:
- [Windows GUI] Minor bug fixes regarding software listing and CRC calculations with respect to clone and compatible drivers. [Nate Woods]

Source Changes:
- The core is based on MAME 0.79. This incorporates all features of the update to this core. [MAME team]
- As a consequence of the MAME 0.79 core, which has massive changes to the memory system, there is a greater likelyhood of regressions in this MESS release (as with MAME.)
- Introduced automated messtest testing facility, in order to prevent regressions in the future. [Nate Woods]
- Internal error reporting enhancements for image loading; still some work to do. [Nate Woods]

Get it from [url="http://www.mess.org/"]this[/url] page.

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You can download the bios for MESS from [url="http://www.geocities.com/messroms/"]here[/url].....

Enjoy :P

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