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FBAx B4 and KoF2k3 FAQ


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ok first off, the hexing for fbax is cake to do as is compared to kawa-x hexing. just lookup the rom that the crc doesn't match and change the crc to zero's


eg: find 268-m1d.bin -----> 0200 0000 0000


as for the skin in gh0st's, that the default skin in fbax but i do agree that other one is better (i use it on ghost's fbax now).

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Hi, i'm a complete novice at anything to do with hex, how exactly would I change the crc's of these files?


I'm trying to run SVCPlus and the rom's SVC_P1 and SVC_M1 have bad 'crcs', I used a program called XvI32 to open the specific roms but am completly lost as to what to do and don't know where to begin


Am I using the wrong program?


Any help would be much appreciated :P

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