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Kof 2003/cheats and codes question

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alright. I was waiting for kawaks, but I finally broke down last night and played it in the version of MAME supplied, heh. I need to know a few things though. the version was MAME32plus!0.78u1. I've seen the cheats to play as the secret characters around, but I have no clue where to start with that. I made a folder labeled cheats, created a notepad, and copied and pasted the cheats onto a notepad file. suprise suprise, that did nothing. how do I take care of this folks? I wanna play through with the special team and witness the ending firsthand, but without the ability to play as chizuru, that ain't happening is it :D any help u can give folks.


PS: I don't friggin get the codes to play as them, u know the ones u can just do by entering commands... it just ain't working for me.

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