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ALexis. psycology

did you know humans have there own personal zone?

exzample, when your on the bus and somone sits next TO you do you feel uneasy?

Another classic exzample of personal zone is this [ you can give this a try]

Get someone to sit at a table with you and say have a few things on the table like a fork a magazine a hair brush, now use these items in front of the person who is sat with you but on putting them down put it in there own half of the table give it a try you wil be AMAZED:bounce:

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ovid - metamorphoses

the principles of psychology volume 1 by william james

the teachings of don juan, a seperate reality, tales of power, the fire from within, the art of dreaming, and the power of silance by carlos castaneda


the first two are rather big ones, but all the carlos castaneda books are each like a day or two read.


ps- and no, these are not for school, im just a dork.:(:

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