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SVC & SVC Plus for Mame32

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I downloaded Mame32 0.79.1.b (a build compiled by James from this forum) and downloaded the roms, but SVC still fails the audit check because of these 3 roms:




269-p1.bin (expecting 0e2b56e0)

269-m1d.bin (expecting 7f01dac5)


SVC Plus


269p-p1.bin (expecting 2a2516de)


I read over half of the SVC thread (the one with 93 pages last time I checked) and points to these roms being fixed back in November 2003. I visited IRC (#legacyofroms and #romshare on newnet, as well as a few of those Chinese sites (emucn, emu-zone) but it doesn't have these roms or don't seem to let me download anything... I tried registering on those site's forums but for some reason it keeps saying one of the fields I filled in is invalid (tried different email addresses and it still failed)


Please point me in the right direction to get the above roms with these CRCs.

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