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Help with Lunar The Silver Star for Sega CD

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I was asking a few days ago about a cue file for Lunar but it looks like i have a bad rip. The game will load up to a menu about formatting ram, you can then select NO WAY! or COOL! but after the selection is made the game freezes. I have gotten past the start menu only once. Is there something i can do to prevent it from freezing or is it just a bad rip?

BTW i downloaded iso from [url="http://games.westcn.com/emu/segacd1.htm"]http://games.westcn.com/emu/segacd1.htm[/url]

any help is most appreciated.

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ive had freezing issues with this game the first time i had it as well.

first off, try formatting the RAM (its either B or C button at the SegaCD Loading screen). also make sure you set Sega CD SRAM size to 64kb (assuming youre using Gens emu, its at the "Options" menu)

also, you may wish to try to start and play the game with "Perfect Synchro" turned on (is at the "CPU" menu) and see if that helps.

and btw, i got Lunar from that site as well (thank you filemirrors ^_^)

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