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Need emulator that will run mortal kombat trilogy


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N64 Emulation : 1964

plug in : Rice Daedalus 5.4.1, updated from 5.4.0

Changes in 5.4.1:


- Improved software vertex clipper, helps to solve many minor glitches in many games

- Bug fixes:

Full screen bug, pure function call error

Texture LUT bug

- Games improved:

* Goldeneye, specially for multiple player mode

* Fighting Force 64

* Mortal Kombat Mythologies - Sub-Zero






======================================== ============

What's new in 5.4.0:


1. A complicated and comprehensive software vertex clipper

2. DirectX pixel shader 1.1

3. Better CPU frame buffer support




The software triangle/vertex clipper is a very big deal, together with the existing Force Software T&L feature, it should get rid off almost all the geometry problems for most new video cards (video cards that were working slightly better with Force Software T&L feature on).


Pixel shader feature is another very big deal. Version 1.1 is just enough to support N64 combiners, and is widely supported by any DirectX 8/9 video cards. (See my previous video card poll thread). If your video card is DX8 or DX9 compatible, you will be very happy since almost all combiner problems should be gone.


Dr. Mario, Mario Tennis should working better now, at least these frame buffer effects are finally working on my Radeon 9600 now. (Yes, I have bought a 9600, so I can understand the Radeon problem and program the pixel shader feature.)

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