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installing car cd changer


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i need some help installing one of these in my car. i wanna try to avoid having to pay like 75 bucks for the store to do it. thats about what i payed for the thing itself. the instructions for the thing might as well be in chinese, WAIT, they are!:P


i need help finding the +12 volt power terminal, and also, i need to find out how to connect my car antenna to the relay box. now, i think i found the power terminal behind my car radio in my dash, but i am not sure. the wire i found is blue and it has 2 plugs for accepting the red and yellow power input leads, i hope, and it is covered with a clear plastic wire fasoner.


if anyone has had experiance doing this sort of thing, i'd really appreaciate some help.:)

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I would of help you translate the instruction for you..ME! i understand most instructions they gave out in chinese. If you could post it here...I would just do for you !!:)

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