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Encrypted/Decrypted games For Kawa-X


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Ok, You got the emu and got the roms and now you notice that in the support games list (it comes with the normal kawa-x v11) that it list some games with 2 roms.


EG: NeoGeo   Metal Slug 3 (predecrypted)  mslug3nd.zip /   mslug3.zip


the first zip (mslug3nd) mentioned is the decrypted set and for many other games it has n or nd at the end of the zip name. also the size fo this zip will be small due to the fact that it only has decrypted c roms and s1 rom. (in mslug3 case tho decrypted p roms as well)


the second zip (mslug3.zip) is the original "big daddy" of its set of roms and will be big in size 70mb+ and it is encrypted.


So now you're left with a choice:

1. You get both encrypted and decrypted sets in your roms folder to play the game.


2. You can decrypt the roms and make one zip that will work in kawa-x


the bad thing about 1. is that it takes up more space where 2. takes up less space since everything is smaller and only 1 zip to use instead of 2.


To make 1 fully decrypted zip for kawa-x you can either get a decrypter/encryter called NeoEncrypter or get winkawaks for pc.


for this tut I'll use the kawaks method:

1. Download winkawaks and place anywhere you like and add your roms to the roms folder (don't forget the neogeo.zip).


2. Run winkawaks and before you load the game, go to tools and check off save decrypted c's.


3. Now load the game and you'll notice there will be a slight pause, this is normal and when the game starts, that means it done decrypting the c roms.


4. Go to the directory where winkawaks.exe is at and the c roms and s1 rom should be there (mslug3 doesn't use a s1 but all other games do).


5. Now extract everything but the c roms from the encrypted zip (in mslug3's case p roms aren't needed cuz you need decrypted p roms).


6. Now make a new zip with all the files you extracted/decrypted and name it as the main decrypted set. that varys from game to game but most are end with nd, use your supported games list on what to use. and you're done :D

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another easier method is if you got access to the original and nd sets is to use romcenter. romcenter will fill in the n/nd rom set that only has the c roms and/or s rom with the rest from the original rom. this is only useful if you can get access to both sets.
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