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Yeah, but if he doesn't do it, someone else will.

im sure there are a lot of people who can help the arcade emu scene, but come to think of it how many are "qualified" to actually help on do some devotion to it?


I see the CPS-3 being emulated fairly soon (by glacial scales anyway) because a) there are already so many successful cps1/2 emulators out there...


theyre completely different hardware. CPS1/2 being emulated doesnt justify CPS-3 being close.


:D the dreamcast emulators are making progress,


i always thought the main problem of CPS-3 is the encryption of games much like in CPS-2.


and c) everyone is gonna want to be the first person to crack the code. It won't be easy, but it'll happen.


i seriously dont think so. ever wondered why there are millions of people want CPS-2 emulation yet only Razoola and a few others gave way to it? where are the geniuses that time? why did CPS-2 emulation took a long way? FYI, CPS-1 was fully emulated that time.



if ever that KOF2k3/CPS3 scam was real, id go for Razoola's path as well. people who can help the community arent that many, and people who have devotion to it are rare. call me an ass or anything but they will always get my respect just for that. besides, why wait for another person who can "do the cracking" when someone who can already exist?

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