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Hi there I'm the newbie that made a poll about the best "SNK style" fighting game, and I must say 2 things.

1 Is true, I totally messed up by forgetting about Sam.Show. and the last blade series. I don't know what happened cuz I'm a big fan of the last blade so HOW COUL I FORGET IT!? anyway. to late to change that, I would like to do a new corrected poll but it's just filling the forum with the same kinda posts

2 THANKS TO ALL THOSE WHO ANSWERED IT because to a newbie poster like me it means a lot that people actually take time out of their lives to be a part of my poll. So far one of the frendlyest forums I've ever been to (actually I'M only a member in 2 forums).

Greetings to everyone

PS: if anyone knows any good website for ROM downloads please let me know. Also I don't know wich rom to download so if you have any recomendations they are welcome. :(


"Remember me when you look at the moon" or "why does my evil blod boil?" wich do you think will be a better signature. I'm sorta still working on my"forum identity"


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