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Superstar Saga

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Hi peeps,

I know this is my first post and its rude to ask for stuff on your first post, but Im just after a little guidance.

Right - I got hold of Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga and from what Ive seen its ace but after putting on my EzFlash cart my saves dissappear.

I have already IPS patched it. When this didnt work i tried a different release of the rom and patched that too but still no luck, my saves still vanish.

They seem to stay for about half an hour when i switch the Gba off and when i switch it back on - gone!

Has anyone had this problem before?

Thanks in advance (excuse the mild pun)


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Weird. You should check the battery in your flashcart hasn't becoming disconnected or loose from the circuit board. Only do this if other save games disappear though.

Otherwise you should try and get the meanace release and use [url="http://www.retrocovers.com/advanscene/html/rel/patch/Mario%20&%20Luigi%20-%20Superstar%20Saga%20Save%20Fix.zip"]http://www.retrocovers.com/advanscene/html...0Save%20Fix.zip[/url] that patch

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