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kouryu- a sf2ce hack for kawa-hex

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well i saw this hack around for a while and i played it a bit on winkawaks and it has some nice twists but i want to play it on kawa-hex now so i'm wondering if anyone tried putting this togher for kawa-x use?


EDIT: i just found the dat for info and from what it looks like, it uses all roms but

sf2ce.21a.bin 512kb

sf2ce.22 512kb

sf2ce.23 512kb


kouryu zip tho has 4 roms:

u195.rom 128kb

u196.rom 512kb

u221.rom 128kb

u222.rom 512kb


now i'm stuck on what to do hehe

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I was told that the old FBA actually had support for that rom. I dont know about the newer one.


As far as KAWAX, havent done much with the CPS side of the emulator.


sounds like a challenge though and its boring these days........so ill take a looksie too.......just need that rom. heh

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well thx to a big help from N3oGhost, its working :) this is with using the sf2ce.zip and kouryu.zip to make one zip called:




s92_01.bin -> 512k

s92_02.bin -> 512k

s92_03.bin -> 512k

s92_04.bin -> 512k

s92_05.bin -> 512k

s92_06.bin -> 512k

s92_07.bin -> 512k

s92_08.bin -> 512k

s92_09.bin -> 64k

s92_10.bin -> 512k

s92_11.bin -> 512k

s92_12.bin -> 512k

s92_13.bin -> 512k

s92_18.bin -> 128k

s92_19.bin -> 128k

s92_21a.bin -> 512k

sf2ce.22 -> 512k

sf2ce.23 -> 512k

b11.rom -> 128k = u221.rom

b12.rom -> 512k = u222.rom

b13.rom -> 128k = u195.rom

b14.rom -> 512k = u196.rom

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