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Kawa-x and FBA-X...do they conflict?


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Hi guys

great forums and a wealth of info :)

Anyway since putting kawa-X on my xbox, FBA-X wont load any neo roms. I thought there may be a conflict with rompath or something but even taking kawa off again fba-x wont do anything with neo stuff, just hangs haflway through decrypting.

Anyone else seen this? I know someone else that ius having the same problem..

Any pointers would be appreciated :lol:

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if you want fbax to use the roms from kawa-x, then you need to change the ini to forward it to kawa-x's rom folder


as for the neogeo.zip, fbax uses a different zip but it has the same files kawa-x uses.

my neogeo.zip is 346KB and yes it in the kawa-x roms folder


fbax nfo can tell you what is needed in the bios

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I've messed around but no luck. The rompath for kawa-x is set to d:\roms and doesnt work if I change it in the ini file so leaving it as it is it's fine. The rompath for fba-x is also set at d:\roms (or something similar) and again wont find the roms if I change it.

So both emus find the roms okay and both have the latest neogeo zip file (448kb) but fba-x just hangs when trying to load neo roms (fine with CPS stuff) whereas kawa-x is fine :(

If I had enough hair I'd be pulling it out about now ;)

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you don't change kawa-x's rompath.ini at all (can't anyway, its a known bug), you change fbax's ini from d:\roms to wherever you placed kawa-x's roms folder :eg E:\emulators\kawa-x\roms\


as for fbax not loading the games, its your neogeo bios zip. make sure to match the crc's in the nfo of fbax with yours to see if its good cuz i'm noticing that yours is bigger then mines yet mine works just fine

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