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Gamecube emu??Doubt it


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LOL I would not be surprised at all if there was a virus inside the file, because check this out, word is out on the emulation scene that the gamecube is THE HARDEST system to emulate, I would go as far to say that many would think EVER in the emulation scene. I guess NINTENDO LEARNED a lesson of how the hackers raped all other systems they put out before the gamecube, I mean the N64 still it was a new system, and BAM it was emulated, GBA was not even out yet AND KABANG it was emulated THAT WAS JUST INSANE, so now they learned thier lesson, and did everything in thier power to prevent the Game Cube from being emulated, and the games being dumped, though check this out.... I say maybe at the 10 year mark or so we will have PERFECT Game Cube emulation. I am not a code cracker or anything of the sort it's just my opinion based on pure speculation.

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