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Welcome Back.. AGAIN..Emulation Fans!!

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Boy was that an obstacle course, down, up, down, up. :lol:

Well we shouldn't be going down for the next couple of years now. We got a lot of people to thank from this big mess that was going on for 4 days. First we'd like to thank all of the 1Emulation Members and Visitors who stood and watched through all of this. I think all of us really had a test of love toward this site including me. Second we'd like to thank the moderators and admins who helped out with the Temporary Forum we had, they did a great job. Lastly we'd like to thank a guy named Ramsus and our ambassador Miskie who saved our server from ruins. You guys really saved this site and a bunch of others on this server.


May people thought this was the end of 1Emulation, when I mean hell no, I mean hell no. Never! Also a big thanks for the people who donated, we'll be using that money for a 2nd backup server so we won't have so much downtime like this again. We are still looking for more money and if you are interested in helping us out still, give me a PM or email. We'll soon post the links though however on the main page, not be confused with the start page.


The 1Emulation Temp Board has also been closed now. The forum is back to normal as it was 2-4 days ago. If you registered that one day the forum was on by accident (January 17) and registered for the first time ever, then you will have to register again. Otherwise if you registered before January 15, you will be able to log in, that's about 99.8% of you. Thanks for all the support! :)

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