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Biohazard 0 / Resident Evil 0. The game is scheduled to release in US on November 12, and in Japan on November 21.


Bandai announced a new GameCube promotion simulation game called Chibirobo, in this game your mission is to train a mini robot called Chibirobo, who is only 10cm tall, and has a long tail with a plug, which is used for recharging itself at any electric circuit. This game will support up to 4 players.




Bandai announced a new WonderSwan Color RPG called Naruto, the game is based on the popular anime of the same name. In the battles you can use your elemental ninja skills to attack the enemies. Naruto is scheduled for release in January 2003.


Blizzard recently revealed plans to release its SNES game The Lost Vikings for the Game Boy Advance. The new Blizzard Classic Arcade label has now announced that two more games, Blackthorne and Rock N' Roll Racing, will also be released for the GBA in 2003.

Rock N' Roll Racing, originally released for the Super Nintendo, puts players behind the wheel in a demolition-racing competition. There's a selection of tracks and cars, which can be outfitted with a variety of weaponry. The game will have two-player multiplayer support via a GBA Game Link cable.


Blackthorne is an adventure game with lots of action that puts players in the role of Kyle Blackthorne, a lethal commando who must battle mutant monsters and goblin hordes on a futuristic alien planet. Blackthorne was originally released for the PC, SNES, and Genesis.


Bandai will release Inu Yasha: Kagome's Dream Diary for WonderSwan Color in Japan on November 16, for 4500 yen. The latest installment of the popular Inu Yasha adventure RPG. In this game you can change the personality of the main character Inu Yasha based on the options you select. Different personalities will lead to different stories, events and ending. There is also an original character in the game.


Marvelous Entertainment announced a new GameBoy Advance title called Samurai Deeper Kyo. The story is based on the popular anime of the same name, the game is an overhead 2D action game, there is an Energy Gauge, special attacks will consume the energy in the gauge, and you can restore the energy by obtaining recovery items in the stage. Samurai Deeper Kyo is scheduled for release in Japan on December 27, for 4800 yen.


P L A Y S T A T I O N 2


Koei has released some new info on their PlayStation 2 MMORPG Nobunaga's Ambition Online. The battles are turn based, you will battle along with your companions, not only you will battle with monsters, but you will also battle with other players in the opposing force. The winning condition of battles is determined by the amount of damage, the victory goes to the team with fewer damages. You can also recruit NPCs into your team. There is also a Production System in the game, allowing you to earn money from your works. Some works are only available to certain jobs, such as charms can only be created by priests and magicians; or shrinkens can only be created by a ninja.


The Getaway takes you into the underbelly of today's London, filled with lowlifes, gangsters and scum. You play as Mark Hammond, who returned to the criminal underworld after his son is kidnapped by the gang boss Charlie Jolson. Mark is forced to accept the dirty works in exchange for his son's life. You can also play as an alternate character Frank Carter, who is a vigilante cop, sent to rescue Mark's son and take down the gangsters. The Getaway is scheduled to release in Europe in December, and January in US.


A R C A D E / O T H E R


The Dengeki Console Chart is updated, this week Nintendo took all top 3 slots in the chart, with Starfox Adventure at #1, sold 40,900+ copies; Yoshi's Island: Super Mario Advance 3 at #2, sold 29,300+ copies; and Legend of Stafi at #3, sold 22,200 copies. Koei's hit action game Shin Sangoku Musou 2 Mushoden moved up one slot to #4, sold 21,900+ copies.


Activision has announced that Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4 is being readied to ship on October 23. The game will launch simultaneously on the PlayStation 2, Xbox, GameCube, PlayStation, and Game Boy Advance.

"Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4 marks a revolutionary step forward in the franchise," said Ron Doornink, president of Activision. "The reinvented, free roaming career mode with 190 progressively harder goals adds a whole new dimension to the gameplay, providing a compelling new challenge."


Further to our reporting that Aliens: Colonial Marines was "on hold" back in June, Electronic Arts has today confirmed that the game has indeed been canceled and that there are no plans to pick up its development in the future. Our source at Electronic Arts could not comment on why the game had been canceled but said that although they had only heard about it recently, they believed the decision was taken a couple of months ago.



Video Game News Taken From http://www.the-magicbox.com/ and


For a more detal of the games, and pics visit these awesome sites thank you for your time everyone.

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