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Info on how to find DC ISOs

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Okay first off if you came from somewhere like say ARCADEATHOME they most likely told you to use google which is a good search engine but ain't worth a crap when it comes to searching for iso's let alone DC ones. Your best bet would be to PM GameCop, so he can give you the password to get his OUTSTANDING roms and ISO's program, and also you mite wanna use filemirrors.com all you need to do there is type in the file names of each dc iso rar file, zip file, winace, etc. Again GameCops roms and iso program will help you get a complete list of DC ISO file names, if you need additional help contact either me or another one of the moderators on the forum in charge of this area thanks for your time.

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How big on average is a dc rom?

If you were on a 56k would you try for them or would you sit and cry:messed2: :)

Well that depends which games your talking about, But size varies its file, the range is from (4mb to 800 mb)!! For once..if you were to use Instint messenger...you can resume your download from your buddy.


Drop me a PM via AIM, i got dozens of ISO for those who wants em. SO far HappyFishYams !!;)

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